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  • Oobleck Kitchen

  • Spray Paint Wall/Collaborative Mural

  • Car Paint Ramp

If you have a mixed age group, choose one of these projects

  • Collage Treasure Box

  • Wooden Birdhouse 

  • Clay Table

  • Card Making

  • Stamped Tote Bags

Step-by-Step Projects for ages 6+: 

  • Canvas Painting

  • Clay Pop Art

  • Something else that is cool. 

  • Sensory/Collaborative Project:

  • Oobleck Kitchen

  • Shaving Cream Experiments

  • Paint Sprayers

  • Collaborative Mural

  • Clay Table

  • Wooden Birdhouses

  • Collage Treasure Box

  • Card Making

  • Stamped Canvas Totes

  • Paint Poppers

  • Shaving Cream

  • Beaded Bracelets/Necklace

All of our supplies are neutral - we want to let the art and your party shine. But if you are looking for a theme - we can work with almost any theme. 

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